New Features


  • Introduced an updated text editing engine, bringing a new, faster, and more intuitive interface. Documentation throughout the helpdesk has been updated to reflect this change.
    More about working with text

    • NOTE: Anchor tags are not supported with this editor (existing tags will continue to work, but new tags cannot be created). We hope to return this functionality in the future. In the interim, if you need an anchor tag, please submit a ticket.

  • Support for accordion and profile components was added for Articles.
    More information on components.

  • Introduced a paginated, group-specific news display option that includes search. See sample.

  • Updated Elsevier Pure integration to current APIs and URLs

  • Updated Twitter to use X branding sitewide

  • Minor updates to page content type editing forms.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug preventing group users from accessing the “Edit” tab on page content types.

  • Corrected a bug causing some revision reviews to display “Temporarily Unavailable” errors


  • Fixed a problem with how the Tile Grid component link fields handle document links.
    See How to Add Documents

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