To start working with components, navigate first to the desired webpage you want to modify. Once in the Edit tab, or the Edit Content tab if you’re a Group, and within the Main Content Area, you can add, modify, move or delete components as necessary. 


Add Components

To add a component, click Add Component to open the component selection menu where you can review available components. Once you’ve determined the component you want to add, click the Add button below that component. Once it's added, you'll be able to enter the information you need. 

Modify Components

If you are trying to edit a component, you may find that in the edit screen all the components have been collapsed. Find the component you need by looking at the type of component and the preview text in them. To edit its contents, click Edit for that specific component. This will reopen the component and give you access to its fields again. Any time you're working with components you can open or collapse them as needed. 

Sort Components

Components can also be reordered as needed by using the handle on the left to click and drag the components above or below other components.

If you have difficulty doing so, please refer to our Reordering Components article for alternative methods.

Hide Components

It is also possible to hide many components. To do this, go to the "Display" tab and enable or disable a component that supports this feature, then save and publish the updated page. This can be useful for components that get resued over time.

Delete Components

If you no longer need one of the components or want to remove a pre-added component, such as the default Text component on the Page content type, you can select Remove from the dropdown menu for that component.

Notice that you'll be asked to confirm the removal of the component before Drupal actually deletes it. Only then has the component been deleted from your webpage.