• You may go to this link to edit your Faculty Profile page:
  • You will need to log in using your JHED ID and password. If you do not have a JHED ID, or do not know what yours is, please contact your Department Administrator.
    • After you have obtained your JHED ID, please email it to Isis Conroy-Tabrizi (itabriz1@jhu.edu) in the Office of Academic Affairs. You will not be able log in to update your profile until Isis has added your JHED ID.
  • Some information in your profile is managed by the Office of Academic Affairs. If you need to change your name, title, email, department(s), or JHED ID, please email Isis Conroy-Tabrizi.
    Note: As of 2019 faculty can edit their office address, phone, and degree information within FIS.

  • We can only add one degree or professional designation after your name at the top of the page. The rest of your degrees will be listed further down the page in the 'Education' section. If you want to change which one shows at the top of the page, please contact Isis.

  • Faculty pages can be cached for up to 24 hours. This means that it might take a few hours to see the changes you have made. Especially if you opened your public page before making changes, it will probably be cached when you try to see those changes.