Before Starting
Before beginning, you must have an active entry in the Faculty Information System (FIS) and a public profile on

Portions of the public profiles on are built off information started in and managed through FIS. See "Updates Made in the Faculty Information System (FIS)" below.

If your entries have not appeared and you believe they should have, please contact Isis Conroy-Tabrizi ( in the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Edit Profile Information

To access the content management system (CMS), start here:

There, select the "Login with your JHED" button. This will route you through the familiar JHED authentication process. Learn more about logging in.

If you do not have a JHED ID or do not know what yours is, please contact your Department Administrator.

Once logged in, look for the "Edit Faculty" tab on your account page. You will be taken to your profile and can begin to edit your content.

If, after logging in, you receive the message "There is no faculty associated with the current user" when clicking "Edit Faculty", then your profile has not been create  JHED has not been correctly associated with your profile.

Please email Isis Conroy-Tabrizi ( in the Office of Academic Affairs. You cannot update your profile until your entry has been created in FIS and correctly includes your correct JHED.

Updates made in the Faculty Information System (FIS)

Faculty profiles are a blend of information from various sources.

While most public-facing profile content can be edited through, some content must be modified through the Faculty Information System (FIS). For a small portion, you will need to contact others to edit on your behalf, for example, the power sentence some core appointment details.

Edit Contact, Degree, and CV Information

Faculty can edit their office address, phone, and degree information and upload a CV within FIS using the following link: Access FIS.

Core Faculty Information

The Office of Academic Affairs manages some information in your profile, such as name, title, primary email, and affiliations. If you need to have these modified, please email Isis Conroy-Tabrizi.

Change the primary designation on the Faculty Profile page

We can only add one degree or professional designation after your name at the top of the page. The rest of your degrees will be listed further down the page in the 'Education' section. If you want to change which one shows at the top of the page, please contact Isis.

FIS Data Sync

FIS is a separate system; changes made pass through a series of internal servers for security purposes before being made available to outside resources like our website. Because of this, updates to FIS can take up to 2 business days to propagate fully.

Other Notes

Link to Publications

You can add up to 5 publications to your profile (under the publications tab). However, if you want to inform people of your other publications, you can share your PubMed Publication URL, and a link will be displayed in your Faculty Profile.

Profile Photo

Please upload a photo to be displayed on your profile page. Only profiles with photography will be included in featured or promotional locations around the site.

Upload an image at least 756px wide × 860px tall as a .jpg formatted image for best results. More about images

Updating your Power Sentence

Please see: How do I add or update my profile Power Sentence?

Saving & Publishing

If you want to save your work in progress, select "Save as: Draft." This creates a new working version while preserving existing content. You can return later to finish and publish your work.

When you save your profile as "Published," it will immediately update.

Once your content is ready to publish, click "Save as: Published" at the bottom of the edit page.

 To save your work in progress, choose "Draft" from the dropdown menu to the left of "Save as."