This process is being refined and will be streamlined as we get closer to launch. Please revisit this page for the latest information.

To access the content management system (CMS), you’ll need to start here:

During the development phase of this project, there are a few hurdles in place that slightly complicate the login process. The order in which the next steps happen (basic authentication & security warnings) varies depending on the browser being used.

Basic Authentication

At this time, basic authentication is enabled and requires a shared username and password to view any content on This authentication is only a way to keep the site private before launch and is not the same as logging in and accessing the CMS.

The basic authentication credentials are:

  • Username: zivtech
  • Password: zivtech

Basic Authentication screen

Security Warnings

Until development is complete, there may be some security warnings that pop up. We are working through clearing these up, but until we have, it is ok to bypass them. To do this, click on the Advanced button to reveal the option to “Continue to (unsafe)” the specific language a browser use may vary, but the process will be similar.

Bypassing security concerns

Logging in with JHED

Once you are finally on the page and seeing the Drupal login screen, look for "Login in using Identity Provider’, this will route you through the usual JHED authentication process. (See below).

Anyone with a JHED can log in; however, a site manager will need to apply some roles and permissions to that user before they have any meaningful access to the site's content.

Drupal Login screen

Logging In without JHED

If JHED is not available, enter the username and password credentials provided by the Web Team to access the site.