To access the content management system (CMS), you’ll need to start here:

Logging in with JHED

Once on the login page, select the "Login with your JHED" option to route you through the familiar JHED authentication process.

NOTE: If you have an active JHED account, you can log in. However, site managers may need to apply for specific roles and permissions before gaining access to parts of the CMS.

Drupal Login screen

Clicking the highlighted button takes you through the university-wide JHED authentication process. 

Logging In without JHED

If you are not using a JHED, this is a very rare circumstance, open the "Don't have a JHED?" accordion, and an alternate username and password method will be available. Enter the username and password provided by the Web Team to access the site.

If you do not have a JHED and require access to the CMS, please submit a ticket requesting access.