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A power sentence describes the faculty member’s areas of focus and/or most noteworthy accomplishments in 170 characters or less. All faculty, including Associates, are able to provide a power sentence by coordinating with their respective Communications Associate.

To do so:

  1. Please fill in the Google form below. There is guidance included in the Google Form for how to format a power sentence.
  2. Communications Associates must notify our team
    Either every two weeks, monthly, or another cadence that works best for you, please send an email to Aleyna Rentz ( if new power sentences are ready for review. Aleyna will then review the submissions, make minor edits as needed, and update them to Drupal.

    Please avoid unless absolutely necessary, sending one-off emails each time a new sentence is submitted. 


We very much appreciate your collaboration on this process. Longer term as we move more of the content management for faculty pages into Drupal from Comm Projects, we hope faculty will be able to update their power sentences directly.