This guide requires a user with Form Manager or Restricted Editor role with Individual form access. If you don't have access to Forms, you will not be able to make the necessary changes.


Now that you are ready to start building your form or adding new elements, you can go through the list of elements available and pick the ones you want. When building your form, you can either: 

  • Put the elements directly on the form.
  • Add a container to the form, and add elements within the container. This can be used for grouping elements together, for example, a basic info area with Name, Address, Email, and Phone.


Most of the elements you will see are easy to set up, with very little configuration needed. They fall under the following categories:

  • Basic Elements
  • Advanced Elements
  • Composite Elements
  • Markup Elements
  • Option Elements
  • Containers
  • Date/time Elements
  • File Upload Elements
  • Buttons

How to add an element

The Form Manager should have given you access to a form, and you now have the ability to edit. To do so, follow these steps:

  • The Form manager will have sent you a link, click on the link. You must be logged in Drupal to access the page. 
  • Make sure that you are in the Build tat at the top of the form
  • At the top of your From elements, you will see a button to add an element. Once you click it, you can add any element. 
  • Give it a name, for the basic elements you will save the form
  •  Save the form elements on the form
  • Note: You may also   make the elements required


  • Basic elements - These are easy to set up, and most elements are added like this
  • Intermediate elements - This shows how to create and use the options for a radio/checkboxes and dropdowns.
  • Advanced elements - Please contact the Web Team for assistance.
  • Container elements - Allows you to place elements within them for display purposes. 
  • Captcha - This shows how you can add a captcha element to a form.