The Page content type provides a flexible set of options and is used for general content. It is suited for use with landing pages and basic contact pages using various page components. 

Create or Edit a Page

  1. Go to the Create/Edit Page form:
  2. Enter or modify the information desired

  3. If you’d like, Preview your Page.
  4. Save as Draft
    • Once ready for publishing, Save as In Review

Field Details

See image below for the locations of fields.

1.  General

  • Title
    The name of the page.

  • Hide Title
    This is enabled by default and should be left "on". This is used in combination with the "Page Header" section to prevent duplication of the title.

  • SEO Title
    The SEO Title field is used to generate the URL path for the page. See the SEO Title Field documentation for more details on how this field works.

  • Short Description
    Short description of the page, for use in search engines, also page listing.

  • Topics
    References the Topics vocabulary.

  • Department
    References the Department content type.

As of November 2022, we have added a checkbox at the top of the page content type called "Hide Title". This will be checked by default. For the time being no action is needed, please leave it checked. Additional capabilities will be coming in the future that will enhance this and we will provide additional guidance at that time.

2.  Page Header (Optional)


  • Optional Eyebrow
    Text above title, typically used to identify the section a page resides in.

  • Title
    Title as displayed on the page, maybe be the same or different than the titles above.

  • ‌Description
    Smaller, descriptive text blow the title in the header.

  • Height
    Set the height of the header.


Manage background design options including color, images and font color, etc.

3.  Main Content Area

Available Components References the following Page Components. Select “Add component” to see available options.

  • 50–50 Full width
  • 50–50 Contained
  • 75–25 Full width
  • Entity Reference
  • Single column
  • Accordion
  • Static card grid
  • Banner/Header
  • CTAs grid
  • Headlines Grid (manual selection)
  • Views reference
  • 1 featured with 5 chronological
  • People list (manual selection)
  • Social links
  • Text

More on Page Components →

Right Column

Optional container for related content.

4.  Revision Log Message

A place to briefly describe the changes you have made.

5.  Save

Currently users can only save as draft. The editorial team will review all changes and publish or reply as needed.