- Limited to users with "Restricted Editor" roles.
- Currently unavailable/unsupported for Group Content.

It is sometimes necessary to share content that has not been published with people who do not have accounts within our Drupal environment. Doing this is possible using unpublished access tokens, special links created for a specific page.

To generate a token link, look on the right sidebar of the content edit screen:

  •  Click "TEMPORARY UNPUBLISHED ACCESS" if not opened.
  • Select and copy an available active token or 
  • Select a reasonable lifetime for your new token and click "Generate" to create one
  • Share the link with anyone needing to see the unpublished page.

A few things to note:

  • This tool is only visible if an available draft can be shared.
  • Similarly, if a draft version is unavailable, the token URL does not work but returns 403 errors instead.
  • The existing links will work again if a new draft is available and the token hasn't expired.
  • The version displayed with this token link should always be the most recent draft. Disregard the "Latest Version" tab at the top. 
  • This system doesn't work with Group content.