Featured images serve multiple purposes, including visual appeal and search engine optimization. It's an essential element in enhancing the overall user experience and driving traffic to the site.

The Featured Image will be displayed in:

  • The published content, below the title
  • Throughout our site when the content is listed or featured in supported components (e.g., Headlines)
  • When sharing in social media

While the featured image field is optional, it is highly recommended that you use it when possible to provide users a visual context for your content that extends when featured in our site and social media.


How do I add a Featured Image?

  • Look for the "Featured Image" media field in the Page Components section.

What are the recommended dimensions of a Featured image?

  • Images should be at least 2400 × 1445 px. Drupal will fine tune the sizes as long as the image is roughly this size or larger.

What is the difference between Featured, Thumbnail and Social Images?

By default, the featured image will also be used as thumbnail and as a social image.

But if you'd like to have greater control over what image is displayed when sharing in social media, you can also upload a custom Social Image. Or if you want a better fit for when your article is displayed in headline components, you can use the Thumbnail Image field.

In terms of size, the images do differ greatly which is why the featured image is the largest, so that it can account for how it's displayed in the website, social media, and in thumbnails. See below a ratio comparison of the images: