Working with Groups

If you're a member of a group, please refer to our Working with Group Menus article.

Menu placement is primarily used for the Pages content type. Other content types such as articles and events are automatically placed based on their dates.

Request Menu Placement During Review

The Revision Log Message is used to communicate to content moderators where to place any new webpages within the website structure, or what we call the main menu, to do so:

  1. Edit your content
  2. Make sure it is ready to be sent for Review
  3. Include in the Revision Log Message a note saying:

    'Please place this page below [URL of page it should be placed under].'

  4. Save as In Review
  5. When the content moderators go to publish the page, they’ll also place it in the menu. 

If you’re working on multiple new pages within a section, and you’d like to have the pages placed in the main menu while the pages are still in draft workflow so you can see the overall structure, please submit a ticket to the Help Desk with the requested website placement.

Placing Content in the Menu

This guide requires a user with Site Manager role. If you don't have this role, you will NOT be able to make the necessary changes.

As seen above, users can request a Page be placed in the Menu or the site navigation via the Revision Log Message. This means updating the location of the URL, e.g., instead of it being /my-page it can be /about/leadership/my-page. This can be achieved using the Menu Settings, located on the sidebar below the Revision Message.

To update it:

  1. Open the Menu Settings section

  2. Enable the Provide a menu link checkbox

  3. Use the Parent Link dropdowns to select the appropriate subsections based on the URL requested. These paths and dropdowns will change for each case, e.g., for the url /about/leadership/my-page you first need to select About in the second dropdown, then a third dropdown will appear where you can select Leadership.

  4. When the page is Saved, their URL will have been updated to the new settings.