Drupal uses a moderation workflow to allow Drupal users to transition content from one state to another. Such as a new webpage, or changes to existing content, from private (Draft) to public (Published).

When working on new or existing content, you’ll see at the bottom of the screen a dropdown with these options. You’ll want to select the option that is appropriate for what you are trying to do and then click the button Save As.

See below what each workflow option does: 


New or updated content revisions, saved in the Draft state, are not visible to the public. You will only see them when logged into Drupal. This allows you to add and refine webpages until they’re ready to be made visible to the public.  


You can make edits to your content and save as a Draft as many times as necessary. For instance, if you make edits today and save as Draft, you can go back tomorrow and edit the content again with additional changes and save as Draft again. 

In Review

When content is moved to the In Review state, it denotes that all the previous changes saved as Drafts are ready for review and publishing. Once it’s saved as In Review, it will be submitted to the moderation queue. The content moderators will review the content and publish, at which point your content will be visible to the public.  

Important: Draft edits in Drupal compound, meaning every edit made to that webpage and saved is counted as a revision and is done on top of the previously saved edit whether or not they are published and whether or not you specifically made them. So if there are multiple revisions in Draft, by one user or multiple users, and the content is saved as In Review, ALL revisions will be reviewed and published, not just the latest edits you made when you changed the workflow state to In Review. This is especially important if you have multiple people working on one webpage because if someone made edits prior to you, and saved as Draft, those will also be published when the page eventually makes it to ‘In Review’. This Help Desk document will explain how to review and compare revisions.

A page cannot move directly from Published to In Review. It must first be saved as Draft so it can be previewed and then updated to In Review if it’s ready for publishing.

Approved / Pending

This state is used to indicate that the content has been reviewed and approved for publishing but it's not yet published. It is primarily used for content that has been scheduled but it can also be used by reviewers if the content needs to be kept private for the time being.


A Published state means that the content, and all changes made up to that point, are now public. 

Documents are Immediately Published
If your document has strict publishing requirements, keep in mind that: uploading a document such as PDF, Word, etc., will make it publicly accessible. While it may not be easily findable, anyone with the URL can access it.


If a webpage no longer needs to be publicly visible, but you may need to re-publish the webpage in the future, the archive state allows the page to remain in Drupal but not visible to the public. 

Deleting Content

While Delete is not a workflow state, it is important to call attention to it. Next to the Preview button you may see Delete. Delete should only be used if a webpage no longer needs to be publicly visible and you won’t need the content in the future, as it will delete the page entirely from Drupal and cannot be brought back. Please be extra careful when deleting that you are sure of what you are deleting. 

The deletion of content is not available to all users so you may not have access to this feature. If needed, submit a ticket to the Help Desk for a member of the Web Team to delete a webpage.