In these articles, you’ll learn about Drupal, our content management system, and how to use its functionality for your day-to-day content management needs. We’ll also highlight additional resources available and outline where to go if you need assistance.  

Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing what you create in Drupal!

Training Objectives: 

  • Become acquainted with the Drupal terminology 
  • Learn how to log in to Drupal and access your website content 
  • Learn how to utilize the Drupal functionality available 
  • Become familiar with the location for additional support resources 

Group vs Non-Group Instructions

We utilize a system called Groups to create separate sites within our shared Drupal infrastructure. If you are working with a Group, please pay close attention to callouts like this one found throughout our help desk content. They highlight steps and features unique to group content management.

If you are not part of a Group, or not working on something Group-specific, please skip these items.

Links to get started:

  1. Intro to Drupal and Getting Access
    1. Logging In
  2. Drupal Interface
  3. Content & Content Types
  4. Components
  5. Accessibility
  6. Workflow & Menus
  7. Requesting Help