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What’s new

You will be able to edit faculty profiles on soon; use your JHED to log in and click the "Edit Faculty" button on your account page. (More login details on this to come.) 

After logging in and accessing the faculty editing function, you will notice an updated and user-friendly interface that still maintains familiarity for experienced users. Our goal was to create a new but familiar experience. The editing process remains largely unchanged, but we have added a few new tools to allow for richer content and easier editing. The navigation and fields have been kept similar in both name and structure.

You can preview the new interface below. (Click images to zoom in on them.)

Faculty account view showing "Edit Faculty" button.

Preview the initial view of the edit profiles showing FIS info and some content editing options.

Another preview of editing tools available.

Why are we making the change now?

There are two reasons why we are making changes to the system. Firstly, the current platform it is built on, ColdFusion 2018, is being discontinued and will no longer receive support after July. Secondly, by integrating it into our new flagship site built on Drupal, we are moving towards a more modern platform and laying the groundwork for future opportunities. One exciting new feature we are introducing now is the ability to save work in progress as Drafts, which we hope you will find helpful.

Stay tuned. We’ll have more on this in the coming weeks.

Please get in touch with the Web team with any questions, comments, or concerns in the meantime.