This guide requires a user with Site Manager or a (Group) Moderator role. If you don't have either capability, you will NOT be able to make the necessary changes.

Content Revisions allows keeping different versions of a page so that users can save a draft without affecting live content, compare different revisions, or even revert to a previous revision.

View Revisions of a Webpage

A revision is created every time a user saves a webpage and so all revisions will be stored with their respective workflow state, i.e., draft, in review, published, etc. To view the revisions of a webpage:

  1. Go to the Content you'd like to review
  2. Select the Revisions tab
  3. You'll see a list of the available revisions, notice that:
    • These are identified by the date and time when they were created and the user that created them
    • These are sorted from the most recently created revision, to the oldest.
    • Their status is in parenthesis below the time
    • A yellow highlighted revision indicates which one is the currently active/published revision.

  4. To open and preview a revision, simply click on the date and time and you'll be taken to the preview screen.

Compare Revisions

You can select 2 revisions to compare them side by side and quickly find out what has changed. To compare revisions:

  1. From the Revisions screen

  2. Use the radio buttons to select the two revisions you'd like to compare.

    For example, if you're reviewing changes before they are published, then you're likely comparing the Current Published revision with the latest In Review revision.
  3. Then press the button Compare Selected Revisions

  4. This will take you to the Changes screen, here you'll be able to visualize what has changed from one revision to the next. The Split Fields layout is shown below which has a very thorough breakdown of the changes.
  5. Use the Layout option to switch between different layouts and see what works better for you. We recommend the Visual Inline layout as it can be more concise and easier to read through.

  6. Once done, simply click Back to Previous Page.
    • If you're re reviewing content for publishing, you can now go to the Edit tab screen and update the workflow state accordingly to Published (if ready) or Draft (if more changes are needed).

Change the Current Revision

There are times when we need to "roll back" to a previous revision. To do so:

  1. From the revisions screen.
  2. Make sure you identify the exact revision you want to activate.
  3. Then, click on the Revert button. You will be asked to confirm the change.

  4. This will immediately publish the selected revision and a new revision will be created indicating this change.