This guide requires a user with Site Manager role. If you don't have this capability, you will NOT be able to make the necessary changes.

Working with Groups? Please use the Content Moderation in Groups article.

Moderation allows the editing and review of content before it is published. 

Publishing Workflow Overview

Every content created or modified by a user goes through the following process:

  1. An Editor user modifies a record:
    1. Saves as Draft
    2. Once all changes are ready for publishing, saves as In Review
  2. A Site Manager reviews the record:
    • If any changes are needed, resaves as Draft for Editor to modify
    • If approved, saves as Published

Learn more about the different moderation states available →

Review and Publishing Process

  1. Start by locating the Moderated Content section:
    • From the Content section, select the Moderated Content tab.
    • This tab displays content that is In Review.
    • Feel free to use the Filters to refine your search as necessary. Reminder: only content in the In Review workflow state is ready for review for potential publishing.

  2. Review the Content
    • A revision is created every time a user saves a webpage and so all revisions will be stored with their respective Status, i.e., draft, in review, published, etc. This allows us to keep different versions of a page so that users can save a draft without affecting live content, compare different revisions, or even revert to a previous revision.
    • Visit our Content Revisions article to learn how to view and compare revisions.

  3. If content requires adjustments before publishing
    • Make a note in the Revision Log about the changes needed, update the workflow state to Draft, and save the content again as a Draft.
    • Note that Drupal will NOT inform the author user, so you will need to communicate this separately.

  4. Place in the Menu (if requested - this is for new pages)
    • Users can request a Page be placed in the Menu or the Navigation of the site. This can be achieved using the Menu Settings, located on the sidebar below the Revision Log Message.
    • Visit our Placing Content in the Navigation Menu article for more information.

  5. If the content is approved to publish, publish the content by changing the workflow state dropdown to Published and clicking Save As.
  6. The content is now live!