This guide requires a user with Site Manager or a (Group) Moderator/Manager role. If you don't have either capability, you will NOT be able to make the necessary changes.

Moderation allows the editing and review of content before it is published. 

Publishing Workflow Overview

Every page created or modified by a user goes through the following process:

I. Editor, Manager, or Moderator User

  1. Creates or edits a page.
  2. The content is saved as Draft to preview changes and make other changes.
  3. Once done with changes and the page is ready for review and publishing, save as In Review.

II. Manager/Moderator User

  1. Manager or Moderator find the page in their queue.
  2. User Reviews the content. If any adjustment is needed: inform the editor, revert to draft, and restart the process.
  3. Once content has been approved, save as Published.

Find Content Pending Review

Reviewers can find content that is ready for review in the Moderated Content section:

  1. From the Content section of the site
  2. Navigate to the Moderated Content tab
    • Group Moderators will find this section under your Group Content section as a tab.
  3. Note that this tab displays content saved as Draft as well as In Review.
  4. To view only content that is In Review, use the filters at the top of the screen.
    Once you select the Moderation State from the dropdown, click Filter to update the results.
  5. Once you've found the one you're looking for, click Edit

Review Content

A revision is created every time a user saves a page and so all revisions will be stored with their respective Status, i.e., draft, in review, published, etc. This allows us to keep different versions of a page so that users can save a draft without affecting live content, compare different revisions, or even revert to a previous revision.

Visit our Content Revisions article to learn how to view and compare revisions.

Publish Content

  1. Once you are in the Edit screen of a piece of content,

  2. You can use the Preview button to review the changes made. You can compare the live page to the page displayed through Preview to see the updates if the page you're reviewing was already public.

  3. If any adjustments are needed, you can go back to the Edit screen to save the content again as a Draft, making a note in the Revision Log about the changes needed.
    • Note that Drupal will NOT inform the author user, so you will need to communicate this separately.

  4. If the changes are approved or were done while reviewing, you can go back to the Edit screen, change the content status to Published, and then save.

  5. The content is now live!