As you start working with more complex components, you'll find that some of them share similar traits. Understanding 

these different options will greatly help you create better layouts.

Because components can have many fields within them, these will be grouped into tabs. It's important to pay attention to them as they can group important aspects of the component.

General / Header Tab (Optional)

You'll find these options across many components, the fields within create a consistent design before and after the main content of the component.

This tab will usually be the first tab you'll see when creating a new Component and it contains the following fields:

  • Title. The primary title for the section/component in question. This will styled as a Second Level heading.
  • Description. The blurb that follows the Title. Preferably short or in ratio with the content below it. 
  • Links. These Links will display as buttons after the main content.

Background / Design Tab

Some components also allow you to change the background color, set a background image or change the text color of the component, Dark text good for light backgrounds, or a White text for dark backgrounds.