The Profile List component is available in Pages. It allow you to manually add an unlimited list of profiles. Each profile has the fields Name, Role/Position, Bio, Link, and Image.

How To

To begin working with the Profile List component, first Create or Edit the page where you want to add the component:

  1. In the Main Content Area, select Add Component
  2. Select Profile List

  3. Fill in any General information (optional), this will function as a header and precede the list of profiles.

  4. Switch to the Profiles tab and fill in the person's information.
    • The Profile Image is square. Recommended size is 600 x 600px.

  5. After adding the first profile you can use the button Add Profile to add another set of fields and repeat for every profile needed.

  6. Finally, Preview or Save your work.


A draft sample page can be found in our Website Style Guide. You'll need to be logged in to see it. Here's a screenshot so you can preview it.

All Options Available

The component is made of two tabs:


This functions as a header for the component and has the following fields:

  • Eyebrow
  • Title
  • Description


The profiles tab has one or more groups of fields for each profile. You can add more with the button Add Profile located at the bottom. Each profile has the following fields:

  • Name
  • Role/Position
  • Bio
  • Link. One or more links can be added with their respective
  • Image (Recommended size: 600 x 600px)