This guide requires a user with Form Manager or Restricted Editor role with Individual form access. If you don't have access to Forms, you will not be able to make the necessary changes.

If you are a Form Manager or have access to download the results, you will be able to export your results.   

  1. Go to the your form
    1. Form Managers
      1. Go to the form
        1. Structure --->Web Forms --> Forms
        2. Find your form
        3. Go to View
        4. Click on the Results tab
    2. Users who have been given Access
      1. Go to the link you were provided
        1. usually to your View or Results page
      2. Make sure you are on the Results tab
  2. Click the Download sub-tab
  3. Under Format text 
    1. Under Export Format, you should use Delimited text
    2. Delimiter Text Format should use a Comma
    3. Check Generate Excel compatible file

  4. You can skip Element Options" and "Header Options
  5. Under Column Options
    1. Go through the columns listed, and de-select any columns not needed. Web forms have several extra columns that we are using in the background, so you don't need to export those fields.
  6. Under Download Options
    1. Make sure that Download export file is checked
    2. If you have anything that users uploaded, you can also check Download uploaded files

  7. Under Archive Options
    1. For the Archive File type use the Tar Archive if you are on a Mac
    2. For  the Archive File type use the Zip file if you are on a PC or Mac

  8. Click on the Download button