This guide requires a user with at least a Form Manager role. If you don't have access to Forms, you can't make the necessary changes.


As a Form Manager, you will create the forms either for yourself or to give to a Form Editor. You have two options, either using a template or building it from scratch.

Using a Template

We have several templates: Application, Contact, Feedback, Registration, Subscribe, and Declaration of Intent.

  1. Go to Structure → Webforms → Templates → List
  2. Pick your template 
  3. Click the Select button
  4. Give it a Title(see the naming convention section below)
  5. Click Save

Building it from Scratch

  1. Go to Structure → Webforms → Forms
  2. Click on the button Add Webform
  3. Give it a Title(see the naming convention section below)
  4. Select the Category (for organization)
  5. Click Save

Naming Conventions for form titles

You have two options for naming conventions, depending on how your page will be implemented.

  • If this is a one-time form: Department/Office name - Form name - YYYY-MM
  • If this is a reusable form: Department/Office name - Form name

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