Where can I use Tables?

  • Tables can be used in most Text fields.
  • Due to size constrains, we recommend them primarily in Text and 75-25 Components.
  • Do not use tables in the Short Description and Header Description fields as these areas are not designed to work with tables.


  • Create a Table by clicking on the Table icon in the Text Editor toolbar
  • You will be prompted with the "Properties" of the table. Where you will be able to specify the number of Rows and Columns, Caption, as well as Headers. You will have the option to create a Header Row, Header Column, or Both, as can be seen in the next screenshot. These properties can be modified afterwards as can be seen in the next step.
  • Most actions required to modify a table can be achieved by right clicking inside the table or a cell we wish to affect. For example, if we want to insert a new column to the left, we can right click on the first column, and select "Insert Column Before"
  • Width and Height of cells is automatic based on their content so even though the editor allows you to resize them, this will not be reflected once saved.