If you're dealing with a particular busy page and are having a hard time trying to put them in the order you wish this article might just be for you!

When it comes to moving components, you have three main ways to go about it:

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop as you'd expect, allows you to take a component and move it above or below other items, this is great if you're just trying to move your target a few positions.


The Sort button will allow you to move selected items to the position you choose. To do so:

  1. Click the Sort button
  2. Checkboxes will appear to the left of the components, and dashed lines will appear between components.
  3. Select the component(s) you want to move
  4. Then, look for the position (dashed lines) where you want to move them to, and click the Paste icon.
  5. The elements will be immediately moved to the position chosen.

Tip: If you're dealing with lots of components, these methods will work best if your components are all Collapsed as this will make them take less space.


This options will also allow you to reorganize a single or multiple items at a time by showing you their index number. This index number can be changed so that you decide in what numbered order the components should display. This may be a little confusing for most users but if you need to re-arrange multiple items at once and have a clear idea of their order it will work great.

  1. Click the Show row weights in the top right corner of the Components section.
  2. A series of numbered dropdown fields will appear to the right of each component.
  3. Change the index numbers to the position you want the components to follow. 
  4. When ready, click Preview to see the changes take place, when you go back to edit, you will see the components re-arranged to the order you configured.