This guide requires a user with at least Restricted Editor role or Editor role, if in a Group. If you don't meet these minimum requirements you will NOT be able to make the necessary changes.


Create a New Article

  1. From the Main Menu

  2. Select Content > Add Content > Article

For Groups (Centers, Institutes & Affiliated Programs)

  1. From your Group's Content list
  2. Select Add New Content button
  3. Select Article

Article Fields

Enter the article information as follows:

  1. Headline - Recommended length: 72 characters; maximum length: 96 characters. 

  2. Short Headline - Optional: A shorter version of the title that will displayed when referencing this article from other pages, such as the headlines pages. Recommended length: 24 characters; maximum length: 48 characters. 

  3. Short Description - Search engines will display and use this information, so it’s important to be concise.

    • Keep in mind this content will not be displayed on the page. If you would like to add information to be displayed, please be sure to look at the Page Components section of this guide.

  4. Social Image - Optional - Specify an alternate image to be used when sharing this content on social media. Learn more about Social Images in Drupal.

  5. Tags - You can select up to 5 keywords or enter your own.

  6. Topics - Topics should be selected from the list if applicable.

  7. Department - This field is required if you’re creating an article for a Department so it can be associated with that Department.

  8. Article Type - Select “Article/Story” as the article type.

  9. Article Contributor - Select the authors of the article. These names will appear in the byline, e.g. By Jane Smith. If others contributed to the piece, this can be mentioned in intro text or a footer line.

  10. Visual Contributor - Name of the person who created the featured image, if known and needed.

  11. Publish Date - Add the date that the article will first appear online. This field is required to display School articles in the Articles & News Releases page.

  12. Featured Image - You’re responsible for ensuring permission to use the image on our website.

  13. Thumbnail Image - Optional: Specify an alternate image to be used when this content is displayed in lists or views throughout the site. Useful for alternate crops for wider images used in the more square thumbnails.

  14. Page Components - Here, you can build the content of your article by adding components. components available  in articles:

    1. Text (default, pre-loaded for new articles)

    2. Profile List

    3. Accordion

  15. Additional Fields

    1. SEO Headline - The SEO Headline is what is ultimately displayed in the browser title and it helps drive traffic to your page. You’ll most likely want to use the same wording as the Title. Leave as-is unless you’re an administrator.

    2. External URL and Source - Refrain from using these fields unless you’re working on an External Article.

    3. Is Global - Please refrain from using this option unless you’re featuring an article in a Department’s Headlines.

Save and Publish Changes

  1. When ready, click Preview at the bottom of the screen in order to see what your article will look like.

  2. If you need to save your changes but are not ready to have your article published yet, you can save your article as a Draft.

  3. When done, update the status to “In Review” and Save. This step is essential as it will make the article available to the Communications and Marketing team for publishing.

  4. The Communications and Marketing team will review the article as soon as possible and make minor refinements as needed or alert you if additional changes are required, or will otherwise proceed to publish it.

For Departments

Departments can follow the same steps as listed above with additional attention to the following fields:

  • Department - This field is required if you’re creating an article for a Department so it can be associated with that Department.

  • Article Type - Be sure to select the Department News as the Article Type unless you’re working on an External Article.

For Groups (Centers, Institutes & Affiliated Programs)

  • Department - Please coordinate with your department's communications associate before tagging a department as this can display the article on their department pages.

  • Article Type - This will be pre-selected with 'Center or Institute or Affiliated Program' for you so no action needed.