Add an Image

To add an image to a component, first select the appropriate content depending on the component you're in.

  1. After adding the 50-50 Component
  2. Select the Left or Right tab depending on where you want to add it.
  3. Select Add Content
  4. From the Media section, select:
    • Image Component if you are in the 50-50 Contained
    • Or Image Background if you are in the 50-50 Full Width
  5. After it has loaded, click on the Select Image button
  6. You will be able to:
    • Browse and select an image that you have previously uploaded
    • Or Import an image if you have not yet uploaded it, you'll be asked to provide a Name and Alternative Text for the image.

Remove Image

To edit an image's Name, Alternative Text, Title, or Caption, you can:

  • Navigate to the component where it was added
  • Select the corresponding tab (Left or Right)
  • Remove the present image

Replace an Image

  1. Remove the present image
  2. Select a new one