1. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear
  2. Click the Insert Media icon in your toolbar
  3. You will then be able to search or add a file. If you add a file, you can either:
    • Navigate to the file using the button
    • Find the file on your computer and drag the image into the file uploader. 
  4. Once uploaded, you will need to give it a name and Alt description and save it.
  5. You will then go back to the library, make sure the image checkbox is selected, and click Insert Image
  6. The image may appear larger than intended, select it to access the Image Menu

  7. Here you can change the alignment and the image display size. 
    1. You can align your image: none, left, center, or right.
    2. Image display can be either “Original image”,  "Rich text full size", or Rich text half size". 

Recommended Image Styles

For large images

If you want the image to have the box style, use the full size or half size and set the alignment left or right.  

For smaller images 

It will not have the box style. You will want to use the Original image or Rich Text document, and you can use any alignment you wish.   

Removing Images

Go to the page, and find the image to remove. Make sure it is highlighted and hit delete. 

Removing an image on a page will only remove it from the text editor; it will not delete the image permanently.

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