Apr 10, 2024
Please note that this content has been updated to reflect the latest processes using the text editor's link tool.

To add a link in a text area field, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the text you'd like to link

  2. Then select the Link tool

  3. A menu will appear with a Link URL field:
    • If you're linking to an external URL, simply copy and paste it in.

    • If you're linking to a content within our sites, type the title of the page to search for it and select it, ensuring that the Title, Path, and section match what you're looking for.

      Notice that the options are divided into multiple sections, first under Centers and Groups content, then School Wide content. These sections indicate what kind of content, so you find exactly what you are linking. 

      In the example above, we want to select the Mental Health page under /departments/. Always pay close attention to the path, as some page names are common across the site, such as About, Contact, etc.

      The link will be inserted automatically, as seen below:
      Don't worry about the URL format, i.e., /node/999999. This is an internal path. Public users will NOT see this when clicking or sharing your content; they will see the public URL, e.g., /departments/mental-health

  4. Save the link by clicking the green check mark.

To improve accessibility, all text links should be created as contextual text, as demonstrated above, and NOT a linked URL.

Refer to our Website Accessibility Guidelines for more information.

Link to an Email Address

If you need to link to an email address, follow the steps above and simply paste the email address instead of the URL. The system will automatically detect it is an email address and format it as needed.

Open Link in New Window

To open the link in a new window, open the Advanced menu, and click the Open in new window switch, then save.

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