Option 1 - Use the website's navigation

You can use the website's navigation links to find a page or section you want to edit. This method will allow you to find pages that have already been created and published. However, this is not the best way to find content that is still in draft or unpublished. The best way to find this type of content is to use the Content Administration link. 

Option 2 - Use the Content Administration link

#1 - Content Link

Click on the Content link to go to the Content Administration page. 

#2 - Content Tabs

The Content Administration page allows you to manage all types of content - pages, files, and media. The default "view" displays content. If you want to view files or media, click the appropriate tab. 

#3 - Filtering

The Content Administration page allows content authors to filter content by title, author, content type, publish status, and basically any other fields that are shared throughout all content types. Since the site has thousands of pieces of content, it is best to filter by a unique characteristic of the piece of content you are looking for. For example, a specific word in the title or the author's name in the Authored By field. 

#4 - View Content

To view a piece of content, click on the name in the left-hand column. Once the piece of content loads, you can edit it by clicking the Edit tab. 

#5 - Edit Content

To directly edit a piece of content, click the Edit button in the right-hand column.