If you are trying to make edits to a webpage that is currently within Drupal, there are two ways to find the content:

Option 1: Use the Content Section

The Content section has filters at the top that can help you find the piece of content you’re looking for. Because of the amount of content on our site, the route that will likely be most helpful in many situations is searching for the webpage title within the Title field.  

#1 - Content

Click on the Content link to go to the Content Administration page. 

#2 - Content Tabs

The Content Administration page allows you to manage all types of content - pages, files, and media. The default "view" displays content. If you want to view files or media, click the appropriate tab. 

#3 - Filtering

Filter content by title, author, content type, publish status, and other common fields. Since the site has thousands of pieces of content, it is best to filter by a unique characteristic of the piece of content you are looking for. For example, a specific word in the title or the author's info in the Authored By field. 

#4 - View Content

To view a piece of content, click on the name in the left-hand column. 

#5 - Edit Content

Once you’ve determined the correct content you want to edit, click the Edit button for that row, under the Operations column.

The Content Section in Groups

The Content Section in Groups looks and functions very similarly but the process to access it is a little different:

Select Manage, in the Administration Menu,

Then click My Groups, Find your group,

Select Nodes, in the Operations dropdown menu to access your Group Content.

For more information visit Getting Started with Groups.

Option 2: Use the Website's Navigation

  1. You can use the website's navigation to find the page or section you want to edit.
  2. Once viewing the content, you can use the Edit tab in the Local Task Menu, above the page header.

This method will allow you to find pages that have already been created and published. However, this is not the best way to find content that is still in draft or unpublished. The best way to find this type of content is to use the Content section, as described above. 

Website Navigation in Groups

Note: This will work for most Groups but not all. If you’re on a custom domain, meaning your URL does NOT start with https://publichealth.jhu.edu, this option will not work for you.

As described above, navigate your group's site until you find the content you want to work on and from the local tasks menu, select Edit.

For more information visit Getting Started with Groups.