Let’s take a look at what you’ll see when you’re logged into Drupal. In this module, we’ll cover:

How to Navigate Drupal

After logging into Drupal, you’ll see a bar at the top. This is the Administration Menu which will allow you to perform your everyday content management tasks, gain access to Group content, and log out.

1. Administration Menu

In this menu you’ll see two items, Manage and your JHED email address. Clicking either item will expand, or close, more options just below it.  

  • Clicking Manage will show you options related to content management.

  • Clicking your JHED email address will provide the option to log out, view, and edit your profile. You will only need to use log out.

2. Local Tasks Menu

These options will change depending on the type of content you are viewing and they will allow you to perform different actions.


How to Find Available Content

Most content can be found by either navigating the site or using the Content section. From there, you'll be able to search, filter, and manage the site's content available to you as needed.

  1. Select Manage, in the Administration Menu
  2. Then click Content

For more details, refer to How to Find Your The Content →

Working with Groups

To find your Group Content, you must first locate the Group you want to work on.

1. Select Manage, in the Administration Menu
2. Then click My Groups
3. Find your group
4. Select Content, in the Operations dropdown menu to access your Group Content

For more details, refer to Getting Started with Groups →

How to Add New Content

New content can be added from the Content section described above.

For more details, refer How to Create New Content →

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