A 2 column layout component contained within the width of the page content region. 

Working with This Component

Optional text that include a row of full width text above the 50/50 content.

  • Title, Description - full width text placed above the 50/50 content
  • Link - Buttons placed below the 50/50 content

Left & Right Columns
Manage the content within the left or right portion of the 50/50 section of a component.

The following components can be placed in either column:

  • Content Component
  • Image Component
  • Video Component
  • Views reference
  • Text

Selecting a component for the 50/50 Contained Page Compenent

The 50/50 sample at the top of this page uses image (left) and content(right) components. Below are the screengrabs of how they were set up.

Image Component

Content Component

The process is very similar for the other avialble options. 

Background Setting

Set background color, image and text color options.