If you have not already, we recommend taking the SiteExecutive training offered by MyLearning when available. The training provided by central is very hands-on, with instructors knowledgeable in SiteExecutive's idiosyncracies and immediately available to answer questions.

To get you started now, we've gathered essential materials and to introduce you to SiteExecutive and to start working with content on JSHPH.edu.

Resources to get started

  1. SE Training PDF
  2. SiteExecutive Training Videos
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. JHSPH Web Style Guide

The materials above have been developed primarily as supplemental content for the training provided by MyLearning. Still, they will walk users through many of the steps and processes required to edit content in SiteExecutive. They are focused on elements specific to our current site, JHSPH.edu, and may differ from some older center sites; however, the concepts remain valid.

Additional Help

The site features a form for submitting support requests to the Web Team, you will always receive a confirmation for your requests via email, and the system will keep all of our communication in one place for easy management. This system is monitored by multiple web team members and will allow us to address, track, and process your requests with greater efficiency and fewer errors.

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