We ask that each site content editor goes through the “Content Authoring in SiteExecutive” training before setting users up in the system. Training ensures that users are familiar with the software, can perform all needed tasks, and is required for all Comms Associates.

Below are details on how you can sign up for training.

Classes are offered through the JHU myLearning program. To sign up visit my.jh.edu, and log in with your JHED:

  • Within the education panel, select “MyLearning.”
  • Search for “SiteExecutive” in the catalog search box found at the top. 

As a student, your department will need to pay for your training. Please email learning@jhu.edu for pricing details and the Budget Authorization form.

Currently, only virtual classes are being offered. If no classes are listed, please email learning@jhu.edu to ask about possible future course offerings. It would help if you also let the Web Team know that classes are not available; we will work to make other arrangements.

Completion of the “Content Authoring in SiteExecutive” course is required for all website content editors.

When you’ve completed the training, please submit a new ticket requesting a new account along with the Certificate of Completion .pdf issued at the conclusion of the SiteExecutive course, and we will get you set up.