Preparing your content for publication review: abiding by the JHSPH style guide; what to expect when submitting edits for approval; Site Executive’s built-in caching, and when to expect edits to appear.


The topic of this video is "The Publication Workflow" for preparing your content for publication.

As you can see, we've added content to the "Video Training" landing page.

We have an introductory paragraph, an additional paragraph, a secondary heading, some copy, supporting links, and instances of the call-out module that navigate to the site's child pages.

This page is ready for publication and needs to be submitted for review. 

To submit the page for review, click on the Approval tab, and click "Begin Workflow," which will open a pop-up window where you can submit the page for approval and publication. 

Type your comments into this box, and click "OK" to send an email to the Site Executive editors, who will then review your content and make sure it abides by the JHSPH Style Guide. Additionally, we check for formatting errors, working links, and markup usage.

You'll either receive a confirmation email indicating your page has been approved and published. Alternatively, the editors will disapprove it and request additional changes. Once these changes are made, you can resubmit your page to workflow.

For demo purposes, we'll click the "Cancel" button here.

There are just a few additional items to go over to prepare for publication. 

Note that you should bookmark the Style Guide and review it from time to time to make sure your content is published in a timely manner.

Review your content for spelling errors and if the supporting links you inserted are from external sources, make sure that they open in new windows. 

It is also important to note that when a page has been submitted for review, the page will become locked to the user who submitted it. An editor cannot make edits on your behalf; they can only disapprove the submission and request additional edits.

Lastly, when a page is approved for publication, there's a 30-minute cache before changes appear.

Until that 30-minute cache expires, your changes will not appear on your website.

The editorial team works to process all approval requests within 1 business day and will communicate any delays ahead of time.