When and how to submit a ticket for help: adding or removing modules and source code editing.


This video will inform you about when and how to work with the Office of External Affairs web team. You'll contact them to achieve complicated edits or edits that are beyond the scope of your user permissions. 

One of the critical tasks that most users cannot perform is editing the navigation items on the left rail of the site.

You can see here that we named the page "about our center" after it was initially named "about us." 

You'll need to submit a ticket through the website's Help Desk to match the name of the navigation label with the title of your page.

To submit a ticket, you'll go to webhelp.JHSPH.edu and click on "new support ticket."

Type in your email address, the subject line of your request, and add a quick description of the issue.

In this case, we'll use a placeholder email address. 

We'll add the subject line "Please rename the left-hand navigation label for the left rail."

Then we'll describe the issue.

Additionally, you can copy the address and paste it here. 

Then select "I am NOT a robot" and click Submit.

The Office of External Affairs will process your help request, and you'll receive a message about it.

Other situations when you will need to submit a ticket to the web team via the website help desk include:

  • If you decide to move certain pages under a different folder. 
  • If you've decided to create new pages under a different folder that is not yet added to the navigation.

  • If there are any issues with complex page formatting. 

  • If you have special display requirements like more complex callout needs, 

  • If you experience unexpected technical issues, permissions errors, or broken pages.

This system is monitored by multiple team members which will allow us to address, track, and process your requests with greater efficiency and fewer errors.