Adding single video or video playlist to a page; changing the content of the video module


The topic of this video is how to add videos hosted on YouTube, Facebook, or Ustream to your pages.

You can add a single YouTube video or a playlist.

We'll start by adding a video module. We're logged in as a limited user account with the right privileges.

We'll click the Insert Module button and choose Video Embed. From here, click "OK," and then a video dialogue box appears.

We'll choose "YouTube" as the source and embed a single video. The process is essentially the same for Facebook or Ustream content.

We can either show or not show video information. Let's hide it for now. 

Then we need to get the video ID. Find your uploaded video here, and get the ID from the URL by highlighting and copying all the text that comes after question-mark-V-equals in the address bar of the browser. 

Press Command or Control C to copy. Switch the tab back to the dialogue box, and press Command or Control V to paste. 

We're embedding a single video, not showing the information from YouTube, and we'll click "Save." 

Now you should see a box with a black outline in the editor. To preview how it looks, click the Save and Close button at the top. 

You'll see that the embedded video is right there.

To change the video display from a single video a playlist, right-click the module box and click on Video Embed. 

From here, instead of selecting a single video, select "Playlist," and then switch tabs to the video playlist.

The list starts with the "PL" all the way to the end of the URL. Copy and paste it in the dialogue box and click "Save."

Press the Save and Close button. 

Now you can play your multiple-video playlist in the embedded player.