Editing the content of accordions


This video is about editing the content of accordions.

For purposes of demonstration, we have created a demo accordion group with four different accordions. The JHSPH Web Team will create the instance of the module you will have access to for editing.

Each of these accordions has multiple items, which can be seen here. Each item will have a title...and you can also add a link and content.

Most of the time, you will only be concerned with the title and content of the accordion.

Links are not usually used, and images are not usually used.

If you'd like to edit an existing accordion panel, all you have to do is click the Edit button here, and it will load the item above.

You can change the title, and you can change the content.

The HTML editor inside this content panel is similar to...but not exactly like your regular page content editor.

You can highlight a piece of text and apply styling to it, such as bold and italics. You can also link it to a URL, delete that link, or even unlink it.

Once you're done editing, click on the Save button at the bottom-right to save the item. It will refresh and leave you with an empty item to add.

If you'd like to reorder your accordion, you can hover over the items with your cursor and click to drag them and put them where you want them.

One thing to be careful of: If you simply click the Save button here, you’ll add an empty accordion item.

And that’s how you edit accordion items.

To add accordions to a page, though, you'll have to request a new instance from the web team.