Editing the content of slideshows


This video covers editing and managing slideshow and lite carousel modules.

For your project, the specific instance of modules and carousels will be added for you in advance by the web team. For demonstration purposes, we have created demo instances of a lite carousel and slideshow.

First, let's go over lite carousels.

To insert a Lite Carousel module on the page, click the Insert Module button. Select Lite Carousel from the dropdown. 

Select the Lite Carousel you'd like to add to the page from the folder structure.

To edit the content of a Lite Carousel, click the Modules/Applications button on the lower left.

Click the plus sign to the left of Modules.

Click the plus sign to the left of Lite Carousel.

Find the specific carousel group that you'll be editing.

In this case, we will use this demo instance of the carousel. 

When logged into your account, you'll see a limited list based on user groups, so you may not see all of this as we do here.

Therefore, it should be much easier for you to locate specific slides or carousels.

After pulling up this instance, we can see our selected carousel here.

When you double click on "edit carousel," you can change the name, although this is not encouraged.

This folder is where you'll upload the images that are to be used for this particular module. Make sure to upload your images before you start working on the module.

You can click cancel, or you can click on the X button over here.

The carousel tab lists each of the slides that are displayed here.

This carousel starts with Slide One, followed by Slide Two.

Now we'll switch tabs, as you can see right over here.

To edit existing content on an existing slide, click on this edit button and it will populate into this box.

You can now choose a new image. If you choose to do so, make sure you specify the alternative text for that image.

You can display the title and the content. Note that the carousels do not accept HTML. Carousels are for basic text display only.

The color you choose determines the hover state color. As you can see here, this is Bloomberg blue, and this is purple.

To add a link, include "learn more," Learn more is the standard link text site-wide and specify the link URL here.

Once you're done editing, click "Save." 

Once you've canceled or saved, the box refreshes the page and leaves this area empty.

To change the order of carousel entries and items, all you have to do is hover over until you see the hand icon, then click and drag it to this new position.

Once that's done, the page refreshes, and you'll see that the items are now reordered.

A common pitfall for this particular module is that 

it is easy to add empty slides or empty carousel items because you may click save here when everything is empty.

If you're done editing items, move on to the next step of whatever you're doing. You don't need to click "Save" to save the state of the entire module.

Now we'll move on to slide shows.

We'll work with the demo slideshow.

If you double-click on "edit slideshow" you'll see that there are more settings here.

For example, here, the demo instance has multiple empty slides. We can delete them by clicking the red X. 

Please note that there are no confirmation dialogues of any kind whenever you're trying to delete an item, so be very careful of accidental clicks.

To edit a slide, we'll do the same thing we did with the lite carousel. 

We'll click the "edit" button, and as you can see, there are plenty of images to select from. Add alternative text for the image, then the title, and then the content.

Note that "Site Executive" doesn't check whether the addition of empty slides is okay. We're going to click "save" here for demo purposes. As you can see, there's now an empty slide which we'll have to delete.

These modules will be set up initially by the web team, and you'll need to put in a ticket for new instances.