What are the common modules and applications available to content creators?


This video gives a short overview of the modules and applications available for content creators on SiteExecutive.

The site tree tabs can be found on the left-hand side.

Click modules and applications to open up the list.

You'll see that you have applications and modules available.

The Office of External Affairs usually develops applications for a particular usage, and you may or may not be given access to applications based on the project you're working on.

Modules are presentational elements that are added to a page at your request by the Web Team. 

These are usually for presenting styled content that can't be shown using standard editing tools.

The most common tools used are accordions... callouts... lite carousels… and slideshows. Other modules that are usually added using "this button" include videos and callouts. There are other Modules that can be added using this button, but we will not cover them here.

Separate videos discuss how to edit each of these modules.

In the meantime, when you click the plus sign next to accordions, you'll see that these are grouped based on the project. 

We have a specific accordion group for demo purposes; this has one accordion. Other projects, like CAMY, for example, have eight accordions available, and another project called "Copewell" has four accordions available.

The same organization of items exists for slideshows. 

You can see that some of them are grouped while others aren't grouped.

You can request the creation of module instances by submitting a ticket through the Help Desk.

The number of module groups that you'll have access to when logged in will be different because permissions are set for you before you're given access.

If you're logged in and you don't see the project for the module that you're supposed to have access to, submit a ticket and the Office of External Affairs web team will give you access to the proper modules.