Some content sections are reused in multiple locations using Object Inclusions. How to edit all instances of these sections.


The topic of this video is page inclusions. 

Inclusions are the use of a single source of information that can be used many times across different pages (callouts for example) or content that could be challenging to edit on a complex page. This approach is commonly used to display news feeds related to your project.

We'll start with a page with some headers and text. At the bottom of which is a news feed block.

When using an object inclusion, the insertion of content on one page also adds the same content on another page. 

To correctly utilize this function, you'll need to figure out the source page for the content you need to edit. 

To do so, you'll right-click here, which shows you an object inclusion menu.

You'll see the path of the object here. You'll see a file called "news feed inclusion" inside the "includes folder" of our "project folder."

To edit this, you'll close out without changing anything. Go to our project folder, then "includes," and then double click "news feed inclusion."

Now you'll see that the content is displayed here without any styling.

So, you'll click on "edit page." Then, for example, we'll add a room to this address. We'll hit save and close. 

Let's look for the changes to reflect on the inclusion. As you can see, the inclusion doesn't immediately reflect because the edits we placed weren't published.

Publication of a file off of a page will go through the same workflow that all other pages go through.

So we'll go to "video training," then "includes," then "address block inclusion."

You will need to submit the edit for approval. For the purposes of this video, this will be approved by a different administrative account.

The inclusion we made was published off-screen, and now, you can see that the edit "room 214" that was added here is part of the page. The Site Executive cache can delay the display of new edits for up to a half-hour.

Again, when we go to the "our programs" page, you'll see that we edited it in one location, and the same information then appears in multiple instances.

You've now seen how beneficial inclusions are when you'd like certain portions of a page to be consistent across multiple pages without having to edit each page individually.