Creating pages inside a folder; renaming, moving, and deleting pages; page properties including Browser Titles, and submitting a web ticket for navigation edits for new or renamed pages; restoring archived versions.


This video will cover pages, page actions, page tabs, and the page creation process.

In a prior video, we discussed the structure of a Site executive site. We had also mentioned how each page generally resides inside a folder named with the machine-readable version of the page's title.

We will start by navigating to an empty folder we created called "sample dash page."

Click the “Create Page” button on the right.

There are two required fields when creating a folder:

  • Title
  • URL Title

File titles are intended to be read by people and can be more flexible, but avoid acronyms or abbreviations. 

In the title field, enter the human-readable version of the title, in this case, "Sample Page." 

File URL Titles are made to be read by computers, and therefore they must follow certain rules more strictly.

If this is the only or primary page in the folder, the file URL title should be index dot h-t-m-l. This is important for Navigation items to appear, as a folder without a published index dot h-t-m-l will not appear in the navigation menu.

The browser title, though not "required," should always be used and should follow the same conventions as the regular titles. We must also include the folder path which should be listed by titles and separated by hyphens.

Please see our web-style guide on naming conventions for further details.

If you need to update the browser title, you can revisit these fields from the Properties tab. 

After the page is generated, we will save our progress.

Proceed to the Desktop tab of the page. 

You will have access to the following actions: Rename Page, Copy Page, Move page, and Delete page. 

Rename Page will allow you to update the page’s  URL title. Note that navigation can be affected if you rename index.html. Also, know that the navigation will not be affected if you add another page and use the URL title index.html.

"Copy Page" will make an unpublished copy of the page. It will carry over the same Properties and Content as the original.

When you Move a Page, you will choose a new folder where it will be stored. It will stay published. 

With rare exceptions, when you rename or move a page, make sure to keep the redirects box checked to keep external links intact. Internal links will be maintained regardless.

"Delete Page" will delete the page. Note that deleting a page means that it cannot be recovered.

One last important note.

Always close the "edit page" before closing the browser window or navigating away from SiteExecutive while editing a page. Failure to do so can lock you out of the page. If you become locked out of a page, you will need to submit a ticket to regain access.