Managing folder properties; assigning upload directories; the relationship of Folder title with Breadcrumbs; renaming, moving, and deleting folders.


This video is all about folders — what they are, the actions you'll take, folder tabs, and their purpose. 

Folders are used to organize the pages that will be on your site, plus the files that are associated with them.

In our project folder, there are multiple folders available. We have "underscore docs," "underscore images," and "underscore includes."

The folders are organized like this to hold files that are separate from pages. 

Meanwhile, folders that have no underscores before them are used to serve out pages. 

Let's create a folder inside the main folder of our project. First, click the Create Folder button on the right sidebar.

In the modal window that appears, there are two required fields when creating a folder:

  • Title
  • URL Title

File titles are made to be read primarily by people, and they can be more flexible. But you should avoid acronyms or abbreviations.

Folder URL titles are made to be read by computers, and therefore they must follow certain rules more strictly. For example, do not use spaces or underscores, use only lowercase letters. 

Please see our web-style guide on conventions for complete details.

Here we’ll enter the machine-readable name for this folder. Let's call it "about dash center." The URL title will serve as a portion of the URL for the final page.

In our project, we'll click-through another folder that currently has one page called "index.html."

This is the standard approach to organizing the majority of pages throughout the site.

When we visit this "index.html" page on the web, we'll see that the folder url title is a part of the URL of the page. We can also remove "index.HTML" and leave it blank at the end.

As long as a published "index.HTML" file exists within that folder, this URL will work.

To rename a folder, work within the folder itself or its parent folder. Select the folder, and additional actions will appear here to the right: "rename" "copy" or "delete."

You can also click the folder itself, and the actions will move down to "Folder Maintenance."

To update the URL Title of the folder, click on "Rename Folder," type your new URL title, leave this "Add Redirects" option checked, and click "Save."

If your folder has a lot of content, copy it to a different location so you can use that copy as a starting point for additional content. Copying is also a great way to start work on a new iteration of a page safely by providing a starting point with the current content in place but isolated from the published public content. 

To delete folders, all you have to do is click the "Delete Folder" action here, and you'll get a confirmation dialog box.

Typically, you'll confirm by clicking "Ok," but for this demo, we'll click on "Cancel."