An overview of finding your way inside Site Executive


This video will cover how to log in to Site Executive and navigate the site tree so you can access and edit properties, folders, and files.

There are three ways to log in: 

  • The first way is to bookmark this URL: 

  • The second way is to use the URL: 

  • The third way to login is to visit a page you would like to edit and add slash-S-E to the end of the url. You will immediately land on the preview screen for the page you are trying to edit. 

All of these approaches route you through JHED authentication as needed.

We'll be logging in using the second method above, with a demo account, but you'll log in with 

your JHED username and password.

Click on login or hit enter on your keyboard.

When you log in, you'll see this very basic homepage called my site executive.

On the left is the site tree, and you can see that this account has access to two sites. 

Note the tabs in the upper right. They are covered in the folder and page training videos.

One is our internal demonstration site, and another would be the main site, right over here. 

Please note that while you can manipulate and click through templates and style sheets you will not have access to this, and you will have limited access to applications and modules which are covered in a different training video.

The focus of this particular video is the site tree. The Site tree will help you navigate to a specific project.

Each site can be expanded by clicking the left plus icon and collapsed by clicking the left minus icon.

For the purposes of this demo, we've created a folder, "underscore beta slash site executive dash training." 

We will use this folder as the workspace for the rest of this video series.

Based on existing permissions attached to your JHED ID, you may have access to a different set of folders listed in the site tree...

Clicking into the folder shows the folder structure to the right, which currently has an underscore images folder and an underscore includes folder.