The steps to add an image to your SiteExecutive page are as follows.

1. Prepare your images

Prepare your images for upload. Please be sure to follow good naming conventions and make sure your images are sized appropriately for the web.

Click here to learn more about naming conventions, and click here to learn more about sizing your images.

2. Create a folder on the website to store your images

If you don’t already have a folder on your website in which to store your images, create one now. 

3. Upload your images

Place your cursor where you would like to add the image and click the “Insert Image” button to open the image upload tool. 

Then, using the upload tool, navigate to the location on your computer where your images are located.

5. Fill in alt text fields

Be sure to fill in the alt text field and to upload your image to your images folder. 

The alt text field is very important as it provides a description of the image to users who may be using assistive technology such as screen readers.

Please click here to learn how to align your images.

6. Saving and checking

Press save & close and check out your new image!