Magazine Notes

Components Inventory

Within an article there are a number of different components that can be used to create different editorial results. These are detailed below and along with guidance on their use.

These elements are contained within the ‘Content’ section of the ‘Article’ content type.

  • Text - default text container. If all else fails use this.
  • Section - Container for articles with chapter like sections, for example. Each section can contain a subset of other components; text, images, slideshows, etc.
  • Agenda - See below.
  • Callouts - Details Below
  • Related Article - specify the related story, dynamically pulls in content.
  • Inset Image - Add in image to an article.


Primary Contatiners

  1. Callout :: Full Width - Sample, used frequently.
  2. Callout :: Right Sidebar - Sample, rarely used.


  3. Callout Row - Container for items. each row can contain upto 4 items. If there are more than items or the content requires it, they can be broken into multiple rows.
  4. Callout Row :: No Padding - Sample -
  5. Generally only used with Callout Item :: Lead Image


  6. Callout Item :: Factoid - Container for factoids, use to apply the Callout Stat Highlight to factoid number and Source to source link.
  7. Callout Item :: Long-form - Container foe shorter sidebar stories that can be housed on the same page as the parent (Sample)
  8. Callout Item :: Intro Block - Container for basic text within a callout.
  9. Callout Item :: Lead Image - Include an large image with a callout, generally used in conjunction with Callout Row :: No Padding.


Agenda Components must be used with “Agenda Page” under Display Settings to properly render.

  1. Agenda Item :: Basic - Most commonly used, simply fill-out out the form to enter an item. Add the available components as needed (text, callouts, etc.)
  2. Agenda Item :: Trending - This component was one of the first things we build in Drupal, and it shows. It’s kind of a mess, take you best guess at how it should go together and someone from the web team will clean it up.