If there is already an accordion instance located on your page please follow the following steps to update content within the accordion module. If you need a new accordion created, please submit a request ticket via the helpdesk.

  1. After signing into SiteExecutive, select the Modules/Applications window from the left column.
  2. Expand Modules 
  3. Click on Accordion
  4. Click on the appropriate accordion folder
  5. Click on the accordion module you want to update
  6. Locate the 'Items' tab in the right corner and select.
  7. Complete the form to add a new tab to the accordion OR navigate to the bottom of this section and select the edit icon next to the tab you would like to edit. 
    • Title: Input the title you would like to appear on the tab of the item
    • Content: Input the content you would like to appear on this item of the slideshow. You can also use images, tables, and links. Remember to format content according to standards. 
  8. After making your changes select the 'Save' button.

How to change the order of items:

  • Drag and drop a row from the items table to rearrange the order
  • No need to click 'Save', the new order is automatically updated

How to delete an item:

  • Click the 'X' icon next to the item you would like to delete
  • No need to click 'Save', the new order is automatically updated

Other Notes:

  • Once changes are saved they will automatically appear on the live website. 
  • Do not make any updates to accordions if you are not ready for them to appear live.