The advanced forms module in SiteExecutive features robust spam filtering options. When SiteExecutive detects a spam message it sends a "Spam Notification" email, the from address will be, but it is a programmatically generated email. The email itself will have some cryptic information only, containing a table of Result IDs,IPs and  Dates, very little to work from.

What is important is the email subject line which contains the name of the form that may have been spammed.

To check and delete or release these submission follow these steps.

  1. In SiteExecutive’s Site Tree panel on the left navigate to:
    Modules/ Applications > Modules > Advanced Forms > [Your Form’s Folder] > [Your Form]
  2. Once on your form click the “Spam” tab in the upper right
  3. On the spam page, click “Select All” then “Expand”, this will reveal the content of each suspected spam submission.
  4. Once expanded, click “Unselect All”.
  5. Review the submissions and select only the individual submissions you would like to keep, then click the “Mark As Not Spam” to release them, they will then be treated as acceptable form submissions and be released to the normal form process.
  6. Now select the remaining messages ensure that they are all spam, them click “Delete Selected Spam 


  • Be careful when deleting suspected spam. Depending on the number of records displayed per page and the suspected spam submissions being processed, new, possibly acceptable submissions may appear at the bottom of the list taking the place of what you’ve released or deleted.