This article is for general information only, the Web Team does not facilitate or manage webcasting beyond placing the necessary code on the page. If you are interested in webcasting an event please submit the necessary Room and Services Request Form, or contact Joe O’Hagan with any additional questions.

There are a few steps in event planning that relate to webcasting, but of primary concern is to book a webcast-capable room. Those rooms are:

  • Sheldon Hall
  • Sommer Hall
  • Becton Dickinson Hall
  • Feinstone Hall
  • W2030
  • W1030 Anna Baetjer.

Another important consideration is that Multimedia can only support two simultaneous webcasts if one of the rooms is Sheldon Hall (which has its own system). For all other rooms, Multimedia will need to use the portable system. Use of the portable system is generally allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in webcasting an event, please get in touch with Multimedia directly or submit the necessary Room and Services Request Form.

When filling out the form linked above, for the question "Do you require Multimedia support?" select Yes, then indicate Webcasting from the follow-up options. Multimedia will then follow up with the point of contact provided on the request form to work out the details. See the image below for details.