If you need to replace an existing file with a new, updated version it is best to use the “Replace File” tool. This approach will preserve all existing links to the file and removes the need to update any pages with links referencing the file.

To replace a file in SiteExecutive:

  1. Navigate to the file in SiteExecutive.
  2. Click the “Desktop” tab, then double-click “Replace File” (far right under “File Maintenance”, see image below).
  3. Within the "Replace File" dialog, select the local version of the file that you would like to now use, click “Upload”.

A few things to note:
  • This method should work on all files including, but not limited to, images, Word Docs, and .PDFs. 
  • The new file must have the same name as the one being replaced, SiteExecutive will throw an error if the names do not match.
  • If an image is being replaced, you will receive a warning if the dimensions are different, this may or may not be in issue depending on the way the image is used. If in doubt, the dimensions should match.