Images should always be cropped, sized, and optimized before being uploaded to SiteExecutive.

If you do not have access to image editing software like Photoshop, we recommend a free online application called Pixlr.

Be sure to refer to our image conventions to find the appropriate dimensions for your images.

When embedding your images in your pages, be sure to include a descriptive ALT tag.

  • ALT tag should present the content and function not necessarily a description.
  • If an image is a link text should read 'Go to...'

  • DOs:
    • "John Smith addresses the crowd at the Engage Baltimore symposium"
    • "Portrait of John McGready"
    • "Students Jane Doe and Bart Simpson tutoring a student at the Henderson-Hopkins school"
  • DON'Ts:
    • "image1"
    • "john-m.jpg"
    • "DSC0038369302"

Color Contrast on Images - Ensure color contrast is strong between text and background. Do not use color alone to convey information.