Proxima Nova is the only font available on our website. The font is the choice of online publishers like BuzzFeed, Mashable, Wired, and many more because it's clean, minimalistic qualities work very well for desktop and mobile screens and it's "personality" is considered fairly neutral. These attributes work very well for an academic environment.

There are 6 different sizes and styles available for document headings, 1 for "introductory" text, and 1 for standard paragraph text.

To create "introductory" text, follow these steps:

(Note: This technique only works in Safari on Apple computers and IE, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows computers.)

  1. In "Edit Page" mode, click on the "Show Blocks" icon.

  2. Right-click inside the box that contains the text you want to set as introductory text (typically just the first paragraph) and click on "Tag Properties".

  3. Select "intro" from the dropdown menu labeled "Class" and click "OK".

  4. Click "Save & Close" and your paragraph is now set as introductory text.

To create "heading" text, follow these steps:

  1. In "Edit Page" mode, click on the "Show Blocks" icon.
  2. Place your cursor within the text you would like to make a heading.
  3. Use the "Paragraph Format" dropdown menu and select your heading style.


  • All pages should begin with a Heading 1 and be left aligned. This is the title of your page.
  • Do not use headings to attempt to style your text. Headings have semantic value in HTML and using them only for the purpose of altering the appearance of your text impedes these semantics.
  • Heading hierarchy is very important for readability, scanability, search engine optimization, and accessibility (people that use screen readers to browse the web). 
    • When using multiple headings on a page, it is recommended to use them in numerical order. For example: heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 etc.
    • DO NOT mix the numerical order of headings. For example: Heading 2 followed by Heading 1. 
  • It is very rare that you will use Heading 5 and Heading 6. For the vast majority of pages Headings 1 - 4 will suffice.
  • We prefer that you DO NOT make Heading 1s and Heading 2s links, primarily for readability reasons. It is OK to make Heading 3s and Heading 4s links.