Yes, BSPH's Office of External Affairs has an account with Getty Images offering thousands of royalty-free images, icons and illustrations. These assets are intended for marketing purposes only and not for personal use.

While we cannot share login information that will permit you to download images directly, we will  download images on your behalf. 


Be sure to use this url:

Using this link will limit results to images that are available with our account. If you go directly to the Getty Images website, and do not use this link, we cannot guarantee those images will be available to us.  

Please limit your requests to 5 images per month.

When you are ready for an image to be downloaded submit a ticket with the ID number(s) for the image(s) selected then we will download and send them to you.  We would also request that you share with us what the intended use for the image(s) will be:

  • Web
  • Print
  • Presentation 
  • Other: (explain)

The Photo ID ( also referred to as a "Stock photo ID”) is found in the lower right of the detail page found when clicking a thumbnail image.

Getty images download image ID

Downloading Comps

When you do find an image(s) that suit your needs you can immediately download watermarked site for use in comps. To do this simply click on the thumbnail image, and click on the Comp icon and select “Save image as…”

The ID can be found in the file names after the image title, for example in this file name, the numbers in bold are the ID:


JHSPH Photos

We also have a collection of images specific to the School, for example building interior and exteriors, faculty images, etc. If you are these types of images, please email Tarun Bhatnagar at with your requests.