1. Video must first be uploaded and completely processed in YouTube
  2. Enter “Edit Page” mode for the page on which you’d like the video to appear
  3. Place your cursor on a new line where you’d like to place the video on the page
  4. Click “Insert Video” (video camera icon, bottom row, to the left of the image icon)
  5. In the “Video Properties” window:
    1. Select your library from the dropdown
    2. Select “Choose by title”
    3. Select the video you’d like to embed
    4. Set all Player Properties to “No”, except for “Allow fullscreen”
    5. Select your video size
  • You can find the actual size of the video by opening it in YouTube, clicking “Share”, and then clicking “Embed”. The width and height will show in the iframe code in the text box.
  • Click “OK”